Wei-Chuan Cooking School was founded in 1961 as a subsidiary of Wei-Chuan Food Corporation, the largest food manufacturer in Taiwan. The school soon became the largest and most respected institution of its kind along the Asia-Pacicic rim. Graduates include world-class chefs, institutional teachers, professional catereers, connoisseurs of Chinese cuisine as well as many homemakers.

As Wei-Chuans reputation grew, requests came from all over the world for guidance and information relative to the recipes used in the cooking classes. In an effort to meet this demand, Chinese Cuisine was published in 1972 and revised in 1983. The book was very successful and became the first in a series of Wei-Chuan Cookbooks. Wei-Chuan Publishing was founded later that samen year in Taipei with a branch subsequently established in the U.S.A. in 1978.

Wei-Chuan Cookbooks are now recognized as the most comprehensive books in the Chinese cuisine field. Wei-Chuan's current plans include new books covering cuisines from all over the world.

Wei-Chuan's succes can be attributed to its commitment to provide the best quality product possible. Almost all recipes are complemented by full color photographs. Each recipe is written simply with easy-to-follow instructions and precisely measured ingredients. Wei-Chuan stands behind its name, reputation, and commitment to remain true to the authenticity of its recipes.

ISBN 0-941676-01-3
EAN 9780941676014

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